Where to find Valentine’s Day roses for under $20 in Southwest Florida

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With Valentine’s Day comes chocolates, cards, roses, and more roses.

If you’re looking to buy a dozen without breaking the bank, look no further.

Aldi’s – $9.99

Trader Joe’s – $12.99

Sam’s Club- $15.98

Costco- $16.99

Publix – $19.99

Target -$19.99

Walgreens- $19.99

One of the best deals, in addition to Aldi, is for Amazon Prime members. At Whole Foods, two dozen roses are $19.99

*availability may differ based on location.

How to choose a color

Unsure what color to buy? Here’s what FTD says:

Red- Love
Dark Pink- Gratitude
White- New beginnings
Purple- Love at first sight
Yellow– Friendship

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