Keeping a safe 6-foot distance might not be as easy as you think

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
Published: Updated:
Six feet apart. Photo via WINK News

Six feet apart—everyone keeps saying it and suggesting it, but actually keeping the safe recommended distance is harder than you may think.

“At some point, everyone’s going to be closer than 6 feet,” said Physician Assistant at FGCU, Robert Hawkes.

We asked why six feet was the recommended safe distance from other individuals, he told us because if any bodily fluids were to be projected from a person, it would be less likely to reach you from that distance.

“Because if I were to sneeze it’s possible that the air particles and the droplets could spread 4-5 feet,” said Hawkes.

Whether you are sitting with a friend, sitting on a public bench, at the ATM or even simply driving your car, staying six feet away is often impossible.

But Hawkes expressed that keeping distance will work.

“We’re hopefully decreasing the spread of the virus which means we won’t have a huge peak and sometimes we call it flattening the curve,” Hawkes said.

For more information on how to protect yourself from contracting the coronavirus, visit the World Health Organization website here.

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