Spike in coronavirus cases in Southwest Florida following larger nationwide trend

Reporter: Dannielle Garcia Writer: Drew Hill
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coronavirus cases

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in 35 states. In Southwest Florida, we are also seeing more positive cases. Experts say large family gatherings and mixed messages may be to blame.

Governor Ron Desantis says the worst of the pandemic is behind us and says that planning your holiday gatherings is safe and encouraged. Dr. Anthony Facui on the other hand is in support of a nationwide mask mandate. Who is to be believed?

“Is it even safe to do this vaccine? Who do you believe?” asks WINK News Reporter Dannielle Garcia.

While cases are rising in 35 states, some of the midwestern states are up dramatically. In Southwest Florida, not so much.

“It has been very confusing but I guess I don’t have any underlying conditions so I’m going to be cautious but I’m not afraid,” said Vicki Smith, in downtown Fort Myers.

“We just try to err on the side of caution. We just mask up wherever we go we limit our travel,” said Richard Weatherhead.

To add to the confusion, flu season is coming. Who knows what that will mean?

“We have a bunch of people who come to winter with us and so all of those things can affect our local epidemiology and we don’t know what to really expect with those things happening,” said Dr. Stephanie Stovall, Medical and Quality Director at Golisanos Hospital.

Nationwide, case numbers are closing in on the record numbers we saw back in June and July.  Compare the numbers now those from the summer and you’ll see while we are increasing we have not reached the same level as our summer spike.

“I think each one of us regardless of what our leaders may say, regardless of what Facebook may tell us each one of us have to make the choice to protect ourselves protect our neighbors and protect our families,” said Dr. Stovall.

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