Witnesses say suspect yelled ‘Which one of you wants to die?’

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Suspect E’Dareon Jayquan West, 25. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

A man is accused of recklessly driving before a crash on a busy road in Southwest Florida, firing a gun multiple times and pointing it at people.

Thursday, E’Dareon Jayquan West, 25, was arrested and faces charges for four counts of aggravated assault, one count of improper exhibition of a firearm and one count of discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

Investigators say four people saw West driving erratically on SR-82 in Lehigh Acres. A woman driving a vehicle told her brother to record what they were seeing. West noticed and pulled up next to them with a pistol pointed directly at them.

While West had a gun pointed at four people inside a car, the witnesses say he yelled out, “Which one of you wants to die?” to them. They tried to diffuse the situation while fearing for their lives.

We talked with other people about their own experiences with hostile drivers.

“If you bolt and you go, you don’t know what you’re risking yourself into,” Laudeline Pozo said. “Because what if they take off with you or they shoot you or shoot the window?”

Everyone we spoke to has their own vivid memories of dealing with hostile drivers.

“Nothing similar to this. No,” Caleb Talavera said. “Only with a guy trying to cut me off.”

“Driving on 82, and there was someone trying to cut me off and then they tried running me off the road,” Christopher Lemes said.

Witnesses recorded West with his gun pointed at them making threats. One of them tried de-escalating the situation.

“Try to just either get away, go a different route to my house, get a different route to wherever I’m going,” Talavera said.

The same morning, another woman in Lehigh said West almost crashed into her. After she passed him, she says he pointed a gun out his window and shot three rounds into the air.

People we talked with were split about how they would have reacted, especially when it came to collecting evidence.

“They notice you giving into the situation, is when they start getting more angry,” Lemes said. “So if the guy didn’t take out the camera, probably, it wouldn’t get to that point.”

“If you don’t have photo proof, he’s just going to keep on going, you know?” Pozo said. “You never know if he’s going to get caught again, and if he doesn’t get caught again, then, he could do this over and over.”

We visited West’s home and spoke with his mother. She told us she didn’t know what happened.

West remains in custody at Lee Count Jail without set bond.

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