How to pick a healthy gift for your loved one this holiday season

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You might be giving the gift of health this year with health-related presents topping many people’s gift lists. WINK News wants to help you make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck when shopping for health-related gifts.

Wearing her sporty sneakers and an Apple watch, Amie Ward is every bit the health consumer. “I go the gym about 4 or 5 days a week.”

No surprise she has a hefty wish list of health-related items.

“I think I want a Peloton treadmill. We have the Peloton bike, I am just not really into spinning so I think I’m ready to try the treadmill,” said Ward.

Each year, workout gear and health tech rank among the season’s most popular presents. Diagnostic devices are particularly trendy now.

Andy Oakes-Lottridge, a Bonita Springs family medicine doctor said, “there are lots of devices that we used to only have in the office that are now available at home.”

Oakes-Lottridge favors tech that measures and tracks health metrics. From blood pressure to blood oxygen, even heart monitors.

“There are some wonderful devices these days that can monitor EKG rhythms and diagnose abnormal heart rhythms and heart rates. They’re very accurate,” said Oakes-Lottridge.

The key is connectivity. Today’s smart devices are powerful, user-friendly, work-horses.

Oakes-Lottridge said, “they’ve all become smaller, they’ve become more accessible, and they’ve become more interconnected with each other. They share information, and they can share information with each other, and also with your doctor’s office.”

The doctor also likes accountability. Smart devices help you see where you stand with your health. Even your bathroom scale is weighing in.

“They’re getting much more sophisticated; they have Bluetooth connection. Now they can measure not just weight, but they can give you an idea of muscle mass and water density, whether you’re hydrated enough.” Oakes-Lottridge said, “when it comes to technology and exercise equipment, as much technology as you enjoy using is the secret.”

While a Peloton bike may not be waiting under the tree, you can still get healthy at home. Consumer groups notice an uptick in gifting subscriptions. Everything from the Peloton app to healthy food boxes.

“Anything that helps provide motivation is wonderful,” said Oakes-Lottridge.

Doctors also warn that these devices cannot replace a doctor’s visit, but are best used in conjunction with medical advice.

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