Florida Congressman showcases guns on Zoom during House hearing

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Florida Congressman pulls out guns during House hearing while on Zoom. (CREDIT: Office of Congressman Greg Steube)

The debate over guns is back after several deadly mass shootings. Thursday, there was a house hearing about ways to prevent gun violence.

During the hearing, Florida Congressman Greg Steube joined virtually and pulled out several of his handguns. He showed how a 10-round magazine didn’t fit into any of his handguns, trying to prove a point.

Congressman Greg Steube did something in a congressional hearing never done before. Thursday, the Republican lawmaker representing Charlotte County was on zoom giving him the ability to pull out his handgun.

Congressman Steube said “right here for me I have a SIG Sauer P 226. Comes with a 21-round magazine. This gun would be banned. Here’s a here’s a 12-round magazine, this magazine would be banned under this current bill. It doesn’t fit.”

If he participated in person, he would not have been allowed to bring his guns inside. The point of his demonstration? That Democrats pushing a ban on magazines with more than 10 rounds would, in effect, ban many guns as well.

Congressman Steube said “some of us have concealed carry permits. to not be able to use the very weapons that we can utilize to protect our homes, our families and our loved ones. And that’s exactly what this is all about.”

At one point Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas interrupted Stube and said “I hope that is not loaded.”

Steube responded by saying “I’m in my house I can do whatever I want with my guns.”

Kari Lerner, the Chair of the Democratic party of Lee County, didn’t like what she saw from Steube either.

Lerner said “it’s theater. I think it’s irresponsible. In the face of the recent tragedies. I think that it’s disrespectful to those who’ve lost children.”

The limit on magazines is part of the Protect Our Kids Act. It also would raise the age limit for purchasing a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21. Also, this would build on the President’s Executive Order banning fast action ‘bump stock” decisions and “Ghost guns” that are assembled without serial numbers.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the measure sending it to the floor for a final vote next week. While it’s expected to pass there is little chance of the bill getting through the senate.

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