Pandemonium erupts when Donald Trump visits DHOP in downtown Fort Myers after speaking event

Reporter: Justin Kase Writer: Paul Dolan
Published: Updated:

Between the Music Walk, President Donald Trump’s visit, and the surprise stop at Downtown House of Pizza, downtown Fort Myers was in a frenzy Friday night.

Many people are talking about the surprising unscheduled stop DHOP.

It was chaotic as people rushed to Downtown House of Pizza’s entrance once they noticed Trump’s escort of vehicles pulled up to the front.

Over 100 people pushed and shoved closer as the former president exited his vehicle. Everyone was crammed in, standing shoulder to shoulder with phones, ready to get one picture or a short video of the former President.

WINK News saw the former President shaking hands with people who were standing outside before he walked in the pizzeria. Trump was inside DHOP for roughly 15 minutes.

WINK News Anchor Chris Cifatte was at the register with President Trump. Meanwhile, Justin Kase tried getting a little closer but with Secret Service and FMPD there clearing the way for President Trump, resistance was futile.

However, after the former president left, WINK News spoke with people in DHOP to get their reaction. Many people said they shook his hand and briefly spoke with him.

“I told him I was honored to shake his hand and meet him,” a customer said.

“I stood at the front, and I was just … he actually started talking to me. He was asking me if I play linebacker for Fort Myers High, and I do. Shoutout Fort Myers High… And he was like, ‘Let’s get a picture.’ So, I was like, ‘Of course, I’d love to.'” another customer said.

Earlier Friday evening, as the former president arrived in downtown Fort Myers in his motorcade, he was met with a large group of supporters cheering as he pulled into the parking area of the convention center. He saw a small group of protestors across the street holding signs and waving flags.

Also, right after the former President left DHOP, an enormous crowd rushed inside, and the line to order was out the door and then some. Trump’s staff also walked out with several pizza boxes that they put inside the vehicles before leaving.

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