4th woman identified in fiery crash in Estero

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The fourth woman involved in a fiery crash that killed three other women and one man has been identified.

Mary Engdahl has been described as a saint by a close friend and the first person to help you when you need something.

The crash happened on Wednesday night at the intersection of Williams Road and U.S. 41 in Estero when the four ladies were headed home from bingo and the young man was leaving the church.

Now, their family, friends and the community are left to cope with the pain of the loss and mourning the victims.

The Copperleaf community in Estero held a vigil for the women last night.

“Precious in his sight is the death of His saints. God says things about our death and the mystery of the moment that we step into eternity as his sons and his daughters. He had his words about that even exceed the words that he uses about our birth,” said Josh Hall, a pastor at Ocean Church.

One of the five lives lost was Malachi Parker.

“A youth leader that was just a wonderful young man, and he was here ministering to the youth of the church and left and was involved in a horrific accident, and he was killed at the scene,” said the Ocean Church.

On Monday, in honor of him, Ocean Church dedicated part of their service to his memory.

“In the midst of something where we would say God, I don’t know how that you can be seen in this order. We release it to you,” said pastor Hall.

“I really want to take this moment in this time, and I want us to bring our hearts to God, and I specifically want us to unite in prayer in faith that the Holy Spirit would comfort the Parker family,” said the pastor during the ceremony at Ocean Church.

A memorial sits on the side of the road in his honor. Handwritten notes sit on a cross, flowers and photos surrounding them, as the Estero community heals from this devasting loss.

“Lord, we pray for the other families that are involved in this accident. God, we pray that the community of faith around them faith in Jesus would encourage them would meet them, and Lord, as your people, we say, God, would you open doors that we’d be able to do the same with them?” said the Ocean Church pastor.

The Copperleaf community held a vigil for the four women who also passed from this crash, three of them identified earlier as Diane Powers, Susie Galla and Maria Burgeson.

“I was fortunate enough to have sat with them all on Monday at a table just sharing stories, and I’ll never forget it. It’s one of my fond memories that I’ll always keep,” Copperleaf Golf Club manager David Dore Smith recalled. “The friendship amongst the four, I mean, there was a reason that they were together. They had just been out socializing at a bingo event. I would say that they were inseparable.”

During the church service, the pastor said they would update the community on when services to honor Malachi will be held.

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