Sanibel looks for replacement after city council member resigns due to Form 6

Writer: Camila Pereira
Published: Updated:

Sanibel City Council Member Doctor Scott Crater resigned last week: the question now is who will take his place.

“I think the community will go forward. And we have a lot of great people in our community and I’m sure someone will step forward and probably several people will step forward to serve,” said Richard Johnson, the mayor of Sanibel.

But will the annual Florida financial disclosure form, form 6, that is now required by the state for all elected officials to file push people away from this open position?

Crater resigned to protect his business, business partners and family.

“We’re going to miss out on some very good leadership in our community and around the state of Florida, that otherwise without form six may have been more inclined to serve,” said the mayor.

Southwest Florida has already lost Naples Vice Mayor Mike McCabe and Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Bill Veach due to the change.

Form 6 reveals an elected official’s net worth, assets and anything over a thousand dollars.

“It’s quite intrusive. I have nothing to hide as an elected official. I think my colleagues would share that we don’t have anything to hide. But to put our entire financial disclosure out there on public record is asking much more than we all signed up for in the beginning,” said Johnson.

Johnson said city council will likely appoint someone to temporarily fill the seat. A permanent replacement will most likely end up in the hands of voters in a special election.

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