Dashcam video of plane crash critical for NTSB

Reporter: Elizabeth Biro
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Officials are looking for more videos of the deadly plane crash that happened last Friday. The video sent in by Miami truck driver Alfonso Del Nodal shows the moment the plane falls from the sky onto a busy I-75.

All of it could be key to figuring out what caused it.

The video is exactly what National Transportation Safety Board investigators say they need to piece together what happened.

They made the call to witnesses to share any and all video, and this dashcam video shows those final moments in the sky.

It’s one missing piece to the puzzle.

Watch the full video below. Warning: it may be disturbing to some viewers.

“I saw that plane in my driver’s side mirror not even five seconds, I’d say like three seconds, 1-2-3, it go down, fast crash, very, very fast,” Del Nodal said.

Del Nodal’s dashcam video shows the plane crash from start to finish.

WINK got Del Nodal on Facetime and asked if anything stood out with a second watch.

“Oh, yeah, more low,” he said.

The video doesn’t even come close to what Del Nodal saw in person. The plane felt and looked much lower when it zipped by his 18-wheeler.

“He tried for landing in the right line, but he hit one pickup truck, and then what I see is that loss of control on the way to the ground between the shoulder and the grass and the right side, and he hit the wall,” he said.

Investigators have eyewitness statements, air traffic control radio chatter, and the fuselage, but the NTSB, the group responsible for investigating, called for witnesses to share any and all video they have.

Del Nodal has no idea his camera for safety may be a key to the investigation.

“I have my dash camera for security for any accident,” he said.

There are videos from the moments after the crash, some from the sky, but this gives a close-up view from the ground from beginning to end.

Investigators can create a timeline of when the plane crashed, when the fire started, and when the two explosions that witnesses talk about happened.

“They tried to look for any survivors, but the second explosion was coming up. Boom, boom, and we can’t get even close. Even when I passed that plane, I felt the heat inside my truck,” Del Nodal said.

Investigators are now focused on the plane’s wreckage in Jacksonville, and the cockpit voicer recorder and the flight data recorder have been sent to NTSB’s headquarters in Washington.

NTSB is not sharing much now, but we can expect a preliminary report within 30 days.

WINK asked Robert Sumwalt, a pilot and former NTSB chair and director of the Boeing Center for Aviation and Aerospace Safety, to look at the video.

“I think the videos certainly show how the airplane did sort of slot into that into that noise of a wall, and I think pilots were trying to straighten it out to align with the lanes of I-75. Unfortunately, the airplane had enough inertia that it was moving sort of sideways there and skidded into the wall, and that’s where things really literally started coming apart,” he said.

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