House passes bill for writing off Hurricane Ian expenses

Reporter: Chris Cifatte
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What looked like progress in getting tax relief for Hurricane Ian victims has hit a potential new snag.

First, a big step forward.

The House voted overwhelmingly to push forward a bill allowing you to write off your hurricane insurance expenses if you had damage.

This is on top of the lost value you already have to write off.

Congressman Greg Steube, who represents Charlotte and part of Lee County, sponsored the bill in the House and is trying to push it forward to the Senate.

“Senator Scott, I had a conversation with him today. He’s gonna bring it up on what they call unanimous consent calendar,” Steube said.

However, there could be a problem.

Unanimous consent means it would go straight to the president for signing, but Steube said there might be a holdup in the Senate now.

“What I’m hearing is that Senator [Ron] Wyden, the chair of financial services over there, is going to hold it up because he wants the entire tax package to pass,” Steube said.

A tax package that might not pass at all, so Steube is hopeful that with so much support, it will get through.

“I talked to some of my democratic colleagues who were co-sponsors of this bill; they’re going to reach out to Senator Wyden. There’s no reason to hold this up. There’s no objections to it. It passed with overwhelming support, and let’s give Americans tax relief,” Steube said.

Steube encourages people here in Southwest Florida to contact Senator Ron Wyden’s office in Washington. (202) 224-5244.

Click here to email him.

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