Victims of deadly Lee County home invasion looking to feel safe again

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Richard Cochran (right) Robert Mosely (left)

A family is living in fear after two men broke into their home along Brandon Street in Lee County. One of the men accused of violently robbing them is behind bars; the other is dead.

A woman who lives at the home says the 16-year-old robbery suspect, who shot her teen brother, went to the same school as her younger brother.

She says they only saw each other in passing and were not close.

Thursday’s arrest is helping bring peace of mind back to the family who hasn’t felt comfortable inside their own home for months.

Pamela Ramon was at her boyfriend’s home when she got a call from her brother.

“He tells me, ‘I just killed somebody. David has been, my brother has been shot.”

Pamela’s mother and three brothers were jolted awake after the two suspects smashed in their back door.

Investigators say Richard Cochran, 38, held multiple family members at gunpoint while 16-year-old Robert Mosely searched the home. Mosely encountered a teen during that search and shot them.

While Pamela was on the phone with her brother, she asked, “Is David ok? ‘yes, he’s fine. He’s bleeding, but he’s on the floor.'”

After Pamela’s younger brother was shot, investigators say another family member came out of his room with a gun, shooting and killing Mosely.

In a news conference announcing the arrest of Cochran, Sheriff Carmine Marceno said, “you break into a home, and you shoot someone in their own home. I tell my residents, ‘don’t be a victim. You protect your family. And meet deadly force with deadly force.”

After his accomplice was shot, investigators say Cochran took off.

For months, the family didn’t know if he would come back, resulting in many sleepless nights.

“Everyone has a whistle around their neck. Just in case, you know, we need to wake each other up,” said Pamela.

Since the break-in, Pamela says her family also installed a home security system but says they’re also taking their safety into their own hands.

“We all went, as a family, to the range. We would learn about gun safety, you know, how to shoot, how to aim and practice that as a family unit.”

She says now that Cochran is behind bars, the family is one step closer to feeling safe inside their own home.

“It does bring a sense of peace. But I mean that damage is still done,” said Pamela.

Pamela’s younger brother survived his gunshot wound.

Cochran is facing multiple charges, including murder for the death of his accomplice.

Pamela said the family plans on moving out of their home.

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