Woman loss ‘sense of security’ when family memento was stolen


At 6:30 in the morning, Jennifer noticed something missing from her driveway — her van.

“My first thought was maybe it was my teenage boys playing a joke but within 30 seconds i knew it was missing,” Jennifer said, “Then, I got scared.”

She said someone stole her light blue Dodge Journey, which was covered with stickers on the back of the vehicle. Her vehicle was locked, but she admits her boyfriend’s wasn’t.

“In the console my spare key was there,” Jennifer said.

But what breaks her heart is the family memento that was inside the van when it was stolen.

“My dad passed away five years ago and he had in his vehicle a rosary he got when he was young,” Jennifer said. “And a necklace. They’re not worth anything to anyone else — they’re priceless to me.

Cape Coral Police report five car thefts in her neighborhood near the Pelican Soccer Complex within the previous six months. There were at least 13 reported in the city as of the beginning of this year.

“It is shocking just to think somebody would do this to people,” Jennifer said, clearly upset.

Since Sunday night, Jennifer has installed several cameras around her home for safety. But in her view, it is too late, with the priceless rosary doubtful of ever being returned.

“I’ll never ever have a sense of security back ever,” Jennifer said. “No matter what.”

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